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CDH Capital is a licensed Financial Institution carrying out investments banking activities which include Stockbrokerage, Investment Management, and Corporate Finance services. The Company specialises in the business of investments, assisting clients investing in financial instruments locally, regionally and internationally.

CDH Capital is registered with the Capital Market Authority of Rwanda (CMA), the Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE) and the Central Bank of Rwanda (BNR).

CDH Capital pools resources from the CDH Group to ensure clientss the best of services. The CDH Group has a pool of highly experienced and qualified professionals in their respective fields to guide clients in their investment decision making.

CDH Capital ltd has one subsidiary, CDH Capital Nominee Ltd. CDH Capital Nominee Ltd is a domestically registered company. Its main objective is to hold and manage shares on behalf of clients.


Our Shareholders

Name Address and Telephone number  Number of shares held

Continental Discount House

Malawi Ltd


 5th Floor, Unity House, Victoria

Avenue, Blantyre, MALAWI

 +275 1821 300


 Trans Africa Holdings Ltd

PO Box 787305, Sandton, 2146,

South Africa

Block E, Coachmans Crossing

Office Park, 4 Brian Road,

Bryanston, 2060

Tel: +27 11 463 5385


 Africap LLC

 791, Town and Country Blvd

Suite 250, Houston

Texas 77024-3925





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