Mission & Vision

Our vision

To be a leader in the Investment Banking industry in Rwanda.


Our mission

To build a vibrant, profitable and technology-driven Investment Banking entity through new products and services that exceed clients' expectations, delivered by our highly motivated staff.


Our business

At CDH Capital we offer stock brokerage and financial advisory services banking services designed with the needs of the client in mind. Our point of differentiation lies in the unique service delivery by our highly motivated team. We go a step further than just providing generic investment related services. We first examine the various aspects of a client's overall financial circumstances. Then we use these understanding, as well as carefully researched industry information, to identify the appropriate solutions to meet our client's specific needs.


Our approach

At CDH Capital, our business is based on the simple tenet of "customer first". We therefore run our day-to-day operations with a client-centric approach that resonates throughout the Company. Because every client is unique, our main goal is to ensure that each customer's specific investments requirements are met both efficiently and effectively. We apply innovation and creativity to deliver value that drives clients to ask for CDH Capital's solutions in many areas of their business.


Our people

Our experienced team is made up of dedicated young, local and experienced individuals who have been selected for their unique talents and motivation to deliver good services in their field of specialisation. Our staff structures are deliberately flat to cut out the red tape. You will find our decision making processes business-friendly.



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